Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2018 The Brink Sophie Hundy Gilbert Media
2018 At The Drop of a Hat Actor At The Drop of a Hat - Improvisation Crew
2018 The Murder Experts Celina Adams Murder Incorporated Ltd
2017 Exhausted Supplies Carer Luke Oliver
2017 The Surprise Bella University of Hertfordshire
2017 Mask of Thorn Bethany Lovell Mycho Entertainment Group
2016 Flytrap Holly Hundy Gilbert Media Ltd
2015 Christmas in Tash Town Purly KatsAct
2015 A Spring Walk Sophie Crucible Films
2015 Pundemic Featured Role Richard Summers-Calvert
2014 Christmas in Tash Town Purly KatsAct
2014 The Mentor Teenager Ngozi Enumah
2014 IMG 5354 Photographer Raw Image
2014 One Girl, One Dream Fran Kats Act
2014 Fabric Stories Beatrice Staffordshire University
2014 Radon Gas Appeal Daughter Westminster University
2013 The Conversations Work experience girl Love Momento
2012 The Wedding Singer Featured Dancer Stella Mann College
2012 The Wedding Singer Waitress, Fake Nancy Regan, Dancer Stella Mann College
2010 The Secret Station Aldwych Ghost Luke Oliver / Bournemouth University
2010 Postcard Britain Singing voice Luke Oliver