'Oliver brings a sweet naivety to our heroine Bethany. She's cute, likeable and portrays the character with a vulnerability that is key to gaining audience sympathy. She's certainly one to watch.' - Hickey's House of Horrors

'The marvellous performances given by the two lead actresses cause you to believe that they might actually be BFFs in real life. There was a natural chemistry between the two, and you could tell they were on the same wavelength, blissfully feeding off of each other. Eve Kathryn Oliver’s portrayal of Bethany Lovell was key, giving the audience the perfect good guy (or girl in this case) to bond with and root for.' - Morbidly Beautiful

'Sophie Bryant who played Olivia was fun to watch, same as Lydia Cashman who played the bitchy character of Julia Barrington and of course Eve Kathryn Oliver who played Bethany delivered well in her role as her character developed throughout.' - Horror Movies.CA